27th ACL Festival & Conference 2007/ISCM World Music Days, Hong Kong

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23 November to 2 December 2007 Hong Kong

Official ACL Festival/Conference

The 2007 ISCM-ACL World Music Days Festival will put together the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) and the Asian Composers League (ACL) in Hong Kong from 23 November to 2 December, 2007 for a 10-day mega event.THEME: MUSIC & BEYOND

2007 marks the seventh year of the second millennium. However, we have already witnessed very serious natural and man-made disasters in this new era. The universal brotherhood as proclaimed by Beethoven and Schiller in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is far from attainable. How can new music creativity contribute to the mutual understanding and appreciation of humankind leading to world peace?

The 2007 ISCM-ACL World Music Days welcomes music that can communicate, music that can assimilate rather than exclude, music that brings in a fusion of ideas and practices, music that puts a balance to globalization and localization, music that leads us to appreciate different cultures of the world without discrimination, and music that goes beyond its own values.

We are therefore looking for works with a diversity of style and a variety of possibilities, with the use of ethnic instruments and elements, with music that goes beyond its local cultural boundary for a better world.

To combine the ISCM and ACL festivals in one single event in November 2007 will bring the world of music creativity to Hong Kong and Macau. Delegates of member countries and composers of selected works will be invited. The Festival will present no less than 24 concerts to showcase the 150 or so compositions from over 50 countries. In addition, educational seminars and symposiums will also be organized.

We will also be extending an invitation to all Festival participants and delegates to join us on a cultural exchange tour after the Festival to Xian and Chengdu, China to visit the various music institutes, as well as to be inspired by the historical and cultural richness of these ancient cities such as the famous terra cotta of the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC).

We believe that local audiences, overseas participants and delegates of the 2007 Festival will not only receive a unique experience in musical stimulation, education and satisfaction, but also be able to witness the ambition, vitality and efficiency of Hong Kong.

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