28th ACL Festival and Conference in Korea, 2009

  This event has passed


27 March — 2 April 2009 Tongyeong and Seoul

Official ACL Festival/Conference

2009 ACL-Korea International Conference and Festival is one of main events that ACLKorea organized. In 2009 we had 4 concerts and 3 seminar sessions. Pianist Noel McRobbie and Atzuko Suzuki, Karos Percussion Ensemble, Contemporary Music Ensemble Sori, and Multimedia Ensemble Sinkro from Spain were participated for the concerts and performed nearly 30 pieces. For the seminar, Isabel Mundry, an active German woman composer, was a guest speaker for the one of the seminar sessions. She shared her philosophy and perspective on music with Korean composers and students, and two of her works were performed during the festival. Other two seminars was on the music of Chung-Gil Kim, Korean senior composer, which was delivered by music theorist, Min-Chung Son, and on the special use of numbers in Korean traditional court music, presented by Korean traditional music composer, Young-Dong Kim.

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