All Events

   36th ACL Festival & Conference in New Zealand 2020

   35th ACL Festival & Conference in Taiwan 2018

   34th ACL Festival & Conference in Vietnam 2016

   33rd ACL Festival & Conference in Philippines 2015

   32nd ACL Festival & Conference in Tokyo/Yokohama 2014

  31st ACL Festival & Conference in Singapore 2013

  30th Festival & Conference of the ACL in Israel, 2012

   29th ACL Conference and Festival in Taiwan, 2011

  Asian Music Festival Special Event, Japan 2010

   28th ACL Conference and Festival in Korea, 2009

  27th ACL Conference & Festival/ISCM World Music Days, Hong Kong, 2007

  26th ACL Conference and Festival in New Zealand, 2007

  25th ACL Conference and Festival/The World New Music Festival and Conference, Thailand, 2005

  24th Asian Composers League Conference and Festival in Israel, 2004

  23rd ACL Conference and Festival/Asian Music Festival, Japan, 2003

  22nd ACL Conference and Festival/Asian Contemporary Music Festival in Seoul/Suwon, Korea, 2002

  ACL Special Event – Federation Music Week in Melbourne, Australia, 2001

  21st ACL Conference and Festival /Asian Music Week, Japan, 2000

  20th ACL Festival & Conference, Yogyakarta/Surakarta, Indonesia, 1999

  19th ACL Festival & Conference, Taipei/Hualien, Taiwan, 1998

  18th ACL Festival and Conference, Manila, Philippines, 1997

  17th ACL Festival and Conference/Bangkok Music Festival, Thailand, 1995

  16th ACL Festival and Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, 1994

  15th ACL Conference and Festival/Asian Contemporary Music Festival in Seoul/Taejon, Korea, 1993

  14th ACL Conference and Festival/Asia Pacific Festival, Wellington, New Zealand, 1992

   ACL Special Event: Ilo-Ilo Meeting and Concerts, The Philippines, 1991

  13th ACL Conference and Festival/Asian Music Festival, Japan, 1990

  12th ACL Conference and Festival/ISCM-ACL World Music Days Festival, Hong Kong, 1988

   11th ACL Conference and Festival, Taipei, Taiwan, 1986

  10th ACL Conference and Festival, Sydney, Australia, 1985

  9th ACL Conference and Festival, Wellington, New Zealand, 1984

  8th ACL Conference and Festival, Singapore, 1983

  7th ACL Conference and Festival, Hong Kong, 1981

  6th ACL Conference and Festival, Seoul, Korea, 1979

  5th ACL Conference and Festival,Bangkok, Thailand, 1977

  4th ACL Conference and Festival,Taipei, Taiwan, 1976

   3rd ACL Conference and Festival, Manila, Philippines, 1975

   2nd ACL Conference and Festival, Kyoto, Japan, 1974

  1st Asian Composers League Festival and Conference, Hong Kong, 1973