Hsien-Sheng Lien – ACL Vice Chairman

Born in 1959 in Taipei, Lien Hsien-Sheng has studied musicology with Hsu Tsang-Houei, music theory with Lu Yen, music analysis with Chang Hao and esthetics of music with Tam Ka-git after graduation from the Law School of National Taiwan University. He has also translated “Technique de Mon Langage Musical” by Olivier Messiaen into Chinese and published it in Taiwan. In 1993, he went to France for advanced studies with the scholarship offered by the government of Taiwan. He studied composition with Alain Weber, Jacques Castérède, Yoshihisa Taïra and Michaël Levinas in Paris. In the spring of 2005, he received his doctor degree in Music and Musicology of Twenty Century at the University of Paris IV – Sorbonne with his dissertation on the Chinese composer Qigang Chen’s works and contemporary Chinese and Japanese music.

As a composer, Hsien-Sheng Lien was awarded the first prize of Creation of Literature and Art by the Ministry of Education Taiwan in 1998 and has won the first prize of 2005 Formosa Composition Competition with his work “Eprouvante Simplicité” for soprano, baritone and ensemble of eight musicians, as well as the second prize of 2006 Hsu Tsang-Houei International Music Composition Award with his work “Le vent, la terre et le chant” for mix chorus, piano, percussion and bamboos. As postdoctoral fellowship, he continued his study of the twenty century’s Taiwan and Asian music in the Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica. In 2014, he published “Yinyue de Xiandaixing yu Shuqingxing – Taiwan Shiyie de Dangdai Dongyia Yinyue” (Modernity and Lyricism in the Contemporary Music of Taiwan and East Asia). Actually, he is associate professor and director of the Music Department in National Pingtung University.

    Hsien-Sheng Lien

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