The 36th ACL Festival Young Composers Competition

The Asian Composers League Festival in Christchurch, New Zealand invites works from composers under the age of 30 (born after 2 May 1990) for string trio: violin, viola and cello (or 2 violins and cello). Works should be under 6 minutes in duration.

Please submit to member organisations, who will select the composer representative and send reauired materials (see below) to before 31 December 2019.

By submitting works to this Call, composers are agreeing that if their work is selected for performance/presentation then they grant automatic permission for the ACL performance/presentation of their work to be recorded, broadcast, and streamed from the website without additional financial liability to the ACL or the Festival Organisers.

INFORMATION REQUIRED for each Work to be submitted is:

1.    The composer’s personal and contact information: Given names; Family name; Name as it should appear in the programme; Date of birth; full Mailing address; Gender; Phone no.; email address; website (if applicable).
2.    Work information: Title; Submission Category; Accurate duration; Year of composition; Statement of whether the work has been previously performed.
3.    The score (.pdf document preferred), or audio/video documentation if the work does not have a written score – as described in the Work Categories.
4.    An audio or video recording of the work (if available).
5.    Programme notes for the submitted work in English (maximum 100 words).
6.    Technical rider specifying all equipment necessary to perform the work.
7.    Short biography of the composer in English (maximum 100 words).
8.    High-resolution digital photograph of the composer.

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